Chicago Tribune says:
“Zany tales make education fun!”
Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement for CHildren/Youth/Teen Programming.
Washington Post says:
“A family friendly version of ‘Stand By Me’.”

Film Ink says:
“A good looking film with a lot of heart.”
The Austin Chronicle says:
“Nerd out with ‘The Stream’, a simple, old-fashioned rites of passage movie of the most PG-Friendly flavor.”

In the summer of 1981, five young friends lived and breathed STAR WARS. But when a broken “lightsaber” (a beloved plastic bat) needs replacing, the friends begin an epic adventure; all they have to do is follow The Stream. With mom gone for 3 hours, what could possibly go wrong?


Mario Lopez as Paxton’s Dad, Christopher Gorham as Glenn Terry, Kelly Rutherford as Maggie Terry, and Rainn Wilson as Adult Ernest with Jacob M. Williams, Michael Capparella, CJ DIehl, Noura Jost, and Sabrina Carter

Created & Directed by

Estlin Feigley


LaQuan Sykes, Christina Elahee, Ethen Reyes, Nick Hayes, Dakota Raen Robbins, Lauren Craig, Patrick McDonnell, Lucas Newell