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Fresh Films + Paramount Content For Change Educator Grants

Fresh Films + Paramount Content For Change Educator Grants

Educators Can Receive a $300 Grant!

Fresh Films has teamed up with Paramount’s Content For Change Initiative to produce season 2 of our Fresh Films’ web series, Industry Insights! Created by youth for youth, the series is dedicated to empowering and educating future storytellers and creators on the different career paths that the film and tv entertainment industry has to offer.

Each episode features a different industry professionals talking about their career, how they got to where they are today plus inspiration and advice for students.

Watch the episode and enter for an opportunity to receive a $300 grant for your classroom!

How to Apply for the Grant:

Step 1: Watch!

  • Watch Episode 5 featuring Dayo Harewood, SVP of Creative, Paramount Brand Studio on the Fresh Films YouTube Channel. Click here to watch Episode 5.

Step 2: Enter!

  • After you watch the episode, have a conversation with your students and fill out the application answering the question below!

We will select this episode’s grant recipient within 3 weeks following the end of the Grant Period.

*Please note: The Industry Insights web series and the grant program described above are produced and administered by Fresh Films

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Ep 5: Dayo Harewood

SVP, Creative, Paramount Brand Studio

Answer this question: What did your students find interesting about Dayo’s vast industry experience and why does culture and authenticity matter in storytelling?