What would the Studio look like?

The studio space and training center will support the growth of Illinois’ film industry and the region’s economy. The Studio would have at least two 20,000 square foot soundstages for large scale film and TV productions. Additional Mill space, production offices, production support spaces and a smaller training stage would also be part of the studio build.

Where will the Studio be located?

We are currently looking at physical sites within Rock Island County. We expect to announce the site within 2-4 months.

Will Fresh Films continue to train film production talent with the new studio?

Yes! Fresh Films will continue to operate its high-school and young adult training program both locally and around the country. With the build of a new studio facility, Fresh FIlms training will expand into other production crafts. Fresh Films is one of five Illinois Film Office training program partners working in the state dedicated to training youth and young adults for jobs in film and television production in Illinois. Funders in other regions include other state and regional film offices and local foundations and partners.

Where can I get more info?

See the Press Release by the Illinois Film Office


How can I get involved?

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