Fun Fact: Tim Kazurinsky is known for playing another famous landlord — Eddie Murphy’s on SNL!

What’s worse than waking up in a strange low-budget superhero comic? Realizing that your character is the one with no superpowers. She doesn’t know who she is, who to trust, or how she’ll pay her rent. All she knows is she’ll have to figure it out by being Just Jo.


Katherine Bourne Taylor as Jo, Elena Muntean as Dr. V and featuring Tim Kazurinsky as The Landlord


Directed by Estlin Feigley, Produced by Kelsey Conley, Kyle Barkolow, Haley Clebanoff, and Joseph Flynn, Cinematography by Ricci Pier Reinbold, Edited by Estlin Feigley and Amber Mathias


Jewel Baker, Amanda Bolden, Jordan Cosey, Percy Croom III, Jalen Dozier, Isaiah Muhammad, Arly Plascencia, Marquez Potter, Angel Saldivar, Luisa Sanchez, Daniel Sellers, Austin Smith, Erin Taylor, and Shaun Taylor