Did you know that our lead actress Francesca Capaldi also starred in Disney’s Dog with a Blog?

In a world of YouTube celebrities, Gwen might be the worst. BUT with her psychic sidekick, celebrity-dom could be moments away. Tune in. This could be the week.


Francesca Capaldi as Janey Beth Walker, Major Dodson as Chad Cheetah, and Christina Derosa as Miss Nikita


Directed by Estlin Feigely, Produced by Joshua Malone, Alec Ascheris, Louis Stancil, and Shawnté Wilson, Cinematography by Ricci Pier Reinbold, Edited by Hayley Burdick


Sonys Caceres, Mercedes Fernandez, Grace Foster, Pablo Zuniga, Briana Garcia, Maya Brown, Nadia Villegas, Ciro Benitez, Jabin Rodriguez, Deja Adams, Irving Santiago, Angela Gonzalez, Andrew Ortiz, Jaden Martin, Gabriel Giacoppo, Lance McCloud