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Chicago Tribune says: “Zany tales make education fun!”

Emmy nomination for Outstanding Achievement for CHildren/Youth/Teen Programming.

The Detectives Club was formed to discover the truth behind Grandpa’s crazy stories. Seriously, dinosaurs and people living together? Belugas that sing? Tornadoes that make skunks? We didn’t think so either, so uncover the truth with the detectives as they meet with real scientists to gather the facts. With every new story, comes a new adventure on the Detectives Club!


Tim Kazurinsky as Grandpa, Evelyn Alumbreros as Mandy, Michael Vincent Carrera as Dad, and Gregory Alexander as Kyle

Created & Directed by

Estlin Feigley


Princess Abrahams, Sofia Alejandro, Justin Andrews, Elijah Bassett, Dante Brown, Dusan Brown, Kaleb Brown, Freddy Carrillo, Luca Csathy, Michael Darden, Audrey Dimitrew, Alejandra Duran, Anneliese Duran, Caroline Finger, Chandler Freeman, Dallis Green, Cade Hardy, Steven Harvey, Jessica Hernandez, Jessica Houts, Maddison Hwang, Kassidy Ison, Rahsaana Ison, Salvador Jiménez Garcia, Zamazja Joseph, Kumra Khalfani, Hunter Kupersmith, Matthew Lambert, Matthew Lambert, Lerae Lawrence, Jazz Anthony Martin Ingram, Damari Martinez, Christopher Medina, Manuel Mejia, Daniel Melbourne, Andy Min, Krisdiauna Moore, Delaney Morris, Brianna Mosely, Aliyah Moulden, Kyron Neveaux, Dara Phung, Natalie Pluto, Jesus Ramos, Terrell Ransom Jr, Jaidyn Redmon, Alex Richey, Nya Richey, Manuel Rojo, Justin Sanchez, Zoe Smith-Hazzard, Tania Suadi, Ananya Tan, Ariel Tan, Senayt Tassee, Jalynn Thomas, Olivia Trice, John Tyler, Samantha Vasquez, Immanuel Whitfield, Victoria Wilson, Ryan Wise