Dearly Departed’s lead actress, Ariana Burk, also has a part in the feature film Beats on Netflix!

A mother-daughter duo embark on a spooky comedic adventure as they inherit a beautiful (if run-down) old mansion. But once they move in, they discover that there are already unseen beings who call it home!


Ariana Burks as April, Dana Black as Debbie, Bryan Bosque as Jake, Helen Joo Lee as Lily, Kelsie Huff as Molly, David Mckee as the Police Officer, Alzan Pelesic as Robert and Jossie Harris Thacker as Karen


Created & Directed by Estlin Feigley, Episode Written by Alyssa DiMari, Director of Photograpy Ricci Pier Reinbold, Associate Producers Alexandra Hunter and Joe Flynn


Nyla Brown, Elteriayah Hibbett, Robin Miller, Isaiah Muhammad, Paul Shipp, Tamara Taylor, Justin Threatt, Kewhawn George, Kaniya Houston, Yireen Alberto, Angel Saldivar, Jalen Dozier, Priya Giddens-White, Chalena Williams, Benita Rivera, Mia Bush, Olayinka Adekola, Sebastian Aguilar, Zitlali Olivares, Davyon Powell, Demaualle Steek, Dominique Jeffries, Izaiah Diaz, Javonte Taylor, Katlyn Ross