Failure can be deadly, but success might be even more dangerous in this teen medical drama. An unlikely team uses illegal technology to save a dying boy. They mean to do it only once, until they attract the interest of a mysterious man intent on forcing them to continue.


Aida Broshar as Natalie, Sean Dooley as Orson, David Michaeli as Ben, and Patrick Coyle as the Investor


Directed by Estlin Feigley, Produced by Kelsey Conley, Kyle Barkolow, and Haley Clebanoff, Cinematography by Ricci Pier Reinbold, Edited by Estlin Feigley and Amber Mathias


Mohamed Ali, Abdulhakim Arte, Shaakir Banow, Ben Dreblow, Alejandro Eduarte, Jerry Jara, Luke Maverick Lebowitz, Demetre Martin, Calvin Miller, Hanad Mohamud, Ava Stucki, Colin Sullivan, and Rowan Thompson – Tschimperle