21 teenage girls spent 8 days in Los Angeles filming a documentary under the guidance of mentors and professional creators. Along their journey, the aspiring young filmmakers had the opportunity to meet with some of the most powerful names in Hollywood.


Reese Witherspoon, Kira Kelly, Ve Neill, Shari Hanson, Julie Pearce, Stephanie Ito, Corey Kaplan, Katie Elmore Mota and Kate Albrecht.


Estlin Feigley, Tali Mishael and Sarah Moshman

Executive Producers

Estlin Feigley, Kelli Feigley, Anne Wintroub and Brooke Hanson


Hello Sunshine and AT&T Hello Labs


Alexis Cardenas, Sydney Denman, Lynette Urbina, Journee Hearns, Kathryn Handen-Llopis, Selene Alvarez, Sequoia Sheriff, Sheena Williams, Emma Lane, Meera Jindal, Amaya Nakpodia, Ash (Urvashi) Bhasin, Haleigh Phillips, Charlotte Oxley, Ariana Araujo, Stefanie Pacheco, Erika Martinez, Hadassah Nix, Glynnis Leach, Ayusha Ayalur, Nikita Joshi