I AM Able focuses its lens on 12 young people challenged with disabilities ranging from bipolar disorder to cystic fibrosis.

The feature-length documentary follows the stories of 12 young people with disabilities – ranging from bipolar disorder to autism and cystic fibrosis – and how they and their families triumph through challenge. Talented. Inspiring. Capable. We hope the documentary will engage the community in raising awareness of the challenges of people with disabilities while reducing the stigma and misunderstandings.


Estlin Feigley, Director, Amy Blommer, Producer, Ricci Reinbold, Director of Photography, Andrew Barkau, Associate Producer, camera & tech crew Haley Clebanoff. Andrew Rea, Emily Fahs, Jake Pecaut, Michael Johnson and Natalie Spahn, Jake Hummel, Edited by: Blake Iscra, Jack Nohelty, Andrew Barkau, Amy Blommer