Now Open: Fall 2020 Teaching Artist Positions 

Overview of Teaching Artist Opportunities for 2020 – 2021 Academic Year (October – May)

IMMEDIATE OPENING for TEACHING ARTIST / FILMMAKERS in Boston, Phoenix and Minneapolis!   Fresh Films’ year round film program will engage high-school teens from October to May.  We’re looking for a teaching artist / filmmaker in each city – one who can engage, guide and mentor the future creatives as they create six different film projects to learn the ins and outs of filmmaking.  The program runs Thursdays 4-6:30 – so this is a part time position requiring about 6 total hours per week.  Perfect for a freelance professional, current teacher or graduate student.  It begins with virtual filmmaking (yes, it works!) and will switch to in-person learning once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Because of this, you must be able to get yourself to our physical film location.   We’ve already hired for Chicago and NJ, join our team to engage teens in Boston, Phoenix and Minneapolis.

Click here for a video overview of our program!

If you are interested in becoming a Teaching Artist, please APPLY IMMEDIATELY – we are hiring for a start date of October 22nd (or as soon as we find the best candidate!) APPLICATION HERE

About Fresh Films
Fresh Films uses the lens of film to mentor & connect with underserved diverse teens to build their technical skills as well as their ability to problem solve, work-hard, communicate and be a leader.  We strive to prepare students for future college and careers. Participants never need previous experience or a particular GPA, just a commitment to learn and collaborate with their peers. Many of our former teen filmmakers became interns and now work at Disney, WB and Netflix.


Program Overview

This school year, Fresh Films will have teenagers from around the country working in small groups to create six different film projects. All projects will be added to the filmmakers’ portfolio, reels, and college applications:

  • Oct/November:  Environmental Film for RiverAction Film festival
  • December:  Movie Scene
  • January:  Music Video 
  • February/March:  Short Documentary or PSA 
  • March/April:  Short Scripted Film 
  • May:  Movie Trailer / Editing

The weekly program begins with a 30-40 minute ‘global skills’ group lesson led by Fresh Films staff filmmakers to teach filmmaking fundamentals, such as scripting, shot styles, or interviewing techniques, to all of the teens. After the group lesson, the students break into smaller groups of 12-15 to work on the different film projects and implement the skills they learned in the large group lesson. This is where you come in! You will lead the group of 12-15 students as they work in smaller film crews of 2-4 students and guide them as they create their video projects. You are their mentor, their guide, and someone that they will emulate, ask for college recommendations and future connections.


Teaching Artist Responsibilities: 

Teaching Artists will be responsible for managing small groups of teen filmmakers through each phase of production – pre-production through distribution/marketing.  Teaching Artists are not leading the creative.  Rather, you are using your expertise to lead, manage and guide the teen filmmakers to make sure they are getting past roadblocks, coming up with creative solutions and hitting their deadlines. You will ensure that by the end of each project, the teen filmmakers have a film they are proud of and it’s got some marketing and audience engagement behind it!

The program will begin virtually due to Covid restrictions, and then will be in-person once restrictions are lifted.

During Covid restrictions, you will engage, support, guide and mentor the teen creative virtually via Google Meets.   The teens will use their phones or tablets for filming and free (or nearly free) editing apps for editing.  The virtual film program launched this past summer with 126 teens from across the country.  We were amazed by the level of commitment, engagement and creativity. This year’s Oct-May program extends the learning experience and connection with teens!  To see a bit of the virtual program, watch this video.

After Covid restrictions are lifted, you will go to the local Best Buy Teen Tech Center and work with the teens in-person.  The curriculum is the same (global lesson, then break into small groups to work on projects).  The main difference for working in-person is that you will now be teaching the teens to use professional equipment and how to edit with Adobe premiere editing software.  You will also get to connect more directly with the teens!!   



  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in video, film, advertising, journalism, social media or a related field.  You do not have to be 100% technical, you can be a producer or writer as long as you understand the storytelling / film process and are willing to learn other aspects.
  • For this position, you must think of yourself as a teacher first and a filmmaker second. You need to be highly inclusive and have a great deal of empathy, while also infusing your own filmmaking skills and experiences into lessons and expecting the best out of these young people. Mentor first, filmmaker second. 🙂
  • Preferable experience in youth development and working with teens from underserved communities (working with kids of different ages is also ok)
  • Love connecting with and mentoring diverse teens from underserved backgrounds to become better storytellers, filmmakers and all-around human beings
  • Be able to connect with students with less filmmaking knowledge or interest and engage them to the next level
  • Realize you are working with teenagers and working out of a partner nonprofit and not everything will go as planned!  You should be able to think on your feet and problem solve. 
  • Be able to troubleshoot equipment issues with the teens
  • Be able to communicate issues with FF staff, but be able to be self-motivated and self-managed to make sure the teens complete their projects
  • Be open to necessary training pre-launch of each curriculum project and also open to learning & improving your virtual teaching via Google Meets / Google Drive in order to succeed in the virtual environment you will be in.
  • Be able to work with nonprofit partner staff at the local centers.
  • Have reliable transportation to get you to and from the Tech Center each week.
  • Filmmaking is a blast – and so is working with teens – so you should love both!


Program Dates & How To Apply:

You must be available for all or very nearly all program dates as noted below!  Average is 6 hours per week!

  • PROGRAM HOURS – From Oct 22 to June 3
      • You will work every Thursday 3:45-6:45 in your timezone
      • From 4-6:30 you will lead your teen filmmakers
      • The 15-minutes before and after are for Fresh Films team meetings when needed
      • Additionally, you will work with your teen filmmakers for an additional 2-3 hours each week on your own time to ensure the teens are turning in their projects, update FF staff on progress or other tasks
  • Training Hours:
    • Week of Oct 12th:  6 hours of training total in the late afternoon/evening (Dates TBD)
    • Weekly on TUESDAYS (tentatively) at 7pm central, we will review that weeks’ curriculum lesson.  This will be 1-hour the first week of any new project module, and only 15-30 minutes for additional weeks in the project module. This gives us a chance to work together as a group to prep the lesson. This way, you also have a two-day window to ask any follow-up questions before you facilitate your session on Thursdays.


    • To Apply to become a Filmmaker / Teaching Artist – please send a cover letter and resume to AmyBlommer@freshfilms.orgSubject “Teaching Artist-CITY”.  In your cover letter please detail why your film knowledge and why you want to share that to empower and engage diverse teens in your local community.   Please also confirm you are available for the times noted above!


    • Note:  Applications are accepted until we fill the position.  Two of our Five positions have already been filled, so we encourage you to apply soon!