Make a Mini-Movie and Doc in 4 weeks!

Every summer since 2002, we’ve met teens on set to produce films and TV shows. Since we couldn’t do that this summer, we met nearly 140 young media makers online for our Virtual Summer. They created 65 PSAs and 35 mini-movies over the course of four weeks!

At our Virtual Premiere, nearly 1000 viewers tuned in to see the films and teen participants as they shared their journey of learning. Fresh Films partners and a special celebrity guest delivered words of inspiration, motivation and determination to the students. Watch here

This free program has brought together young aspiring filmmakers from around the country, most of whom had no film experience, no equipment beyond a cellphone camera, and wouldn’t have been able to afford to pay for a summer program. Guided by Fresh Films professionals and college interns, these students jumped into the 4-week / 40-hour program by getting a crash course in documentary filmmaking and then creating a 30-second PSA encouraging their communities to fill out the US Census.  And they did all this with filmmaking partners that they would never film with or even meet in person. The results are clever, moving, creative, and surprisingly good PSA videos that have already garnered thousands of views on YouTube.