Virtual Summer Teen Filmmaking Program 2021

Join the Fresh Films Teen Summer Filmmaking Program to make films with young people just like you! 

Teens ages 13-19, apply for our program running July 5-30 to:

🎬 make better social media videos
🎬 learn about careers in the industry
🎬 add to your portfolio & resume
🎬 build your professional network
🎬 gain tech & film skills so you can tell YOUR story through film 

You’ll be guided through the 4-week program by Fresh Films professionals, as you practice ins and outs of filmmaking on 2 projects – from creating a script, to framing a shot, to filming, editing and even marketing your films. 

All levels of experience welcome. No special equipment required. You just need an internet connection, a smartphone or tablet, and the desire to gain new film skills.

Project 1:  July 5-July 15
Sending Positivity A Digital Postcard Series presented by AT&T
Teens have been asking us to create a project designed for social media – and this summer, we’ve delivered! For project 1, participants will create 30-90 second short film postcards to send out to friends through TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Why a video postcard? No matter where you are or how you’re feeling, an unexpected message from someone you care about can make your day. We know young people have had to navigate a very strange and tough year, so we invite you to put your resilience on full display – and use your creativity and talent to make others feel a little brighter! It’s all about positive storytelling – to remind others that we’re all in this together and we have each other’s backs.

Key learnings include:
Short format production
Storytelling & production for social media
Getting creative with social media trends

Project 2: July 19-30
The Sound of Your Story Challenge presented by Dolby
With this project, you’ll create a short film that relies on sound instead of dialogue to tell your story. Why focus on sound? It builds critical skills in sound & music design to communicate emotion, convey setting, character development, mood and more!  Building these skills will help you bring your films to the next level.

In addition to the focus on sound design, this project will cover essential production skills such as casting, shotlists, storyboards, technical production and editing. And participants will have the chance to hear from industry professionals like guest speakers from Dolby & Skywalker Sound.  

Key Learnings Include:
Careers in sound production and design
Storytelling using music and sound effects

August 2-11:  Film Judging and Premiere! 
At the close of the program, we’ll celebrate your work with a live premiere event that will showcase your films and include prizes for top films selected by a panel of judges, plus an audience choice award.PS: Stay tuned.. sometimes our premiere events include some very special guests!

Note: We’re continuing our program virtually for this summer to prioritize the health and safety of our teen filmmakers, but we look forward to building film skills this summer and then working with many of our participants in person starting fall 2021.