Current Internship Opportunities

Overview of Fresh Films Virtual Summer 2020 Internship:
Welcome to Summer 2020 – where we have re-tooled our regular Summer apprenticeship program into a virtual 4-week summer program that will be done over Google Hangouts and have students joining from across the country – from L.A. to NYC.  We will be hiring paid college-aged interns to support the teens working through the FF Summer film projects that include a short PSA and mini movie.

If interested in becoming a paid intern, please fill out the application below by 6-11-20

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even if you applied for a Fresh Films internship previously, you MUST re-apply for the summer internship here! 

Intern Responsibilities:
This summer, Fresh Films will have 70+ teenagers from around the country working in small groups to create two different film projects.  Project 1 will teach documentary skills through having the teens create a :30 second PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the 2020 Census.  Project 2 will engage teens in narrative filmmaking as they create a short 2-minute film.  Both projects will add to the filmmakers’ portfolio and reels and college applications.

Interns are going to be responsible for managing small groups of teen filmmakers through each phase of production – pre-production through distribution/marketing.  Interns are not leading the creative. Rather, you are using your expertise to lead, manage and guide the teen filmmakers to make sure they are getting past roadblocks, coming up with creative solutions and hitting their deadlines. You lead the teens as they develop their script, storyboards, shot list and creative needs.  They’ll be filming on phones and tablets, but you’ll still help with shot framing, creative thoughts and trouble-shooting during filming if needed. You’ll also aid them with editing (many will use iMovie or other free softwares similar to Adobe or Final Cut).  And then finally, you’ll help them with releasing and marketing their video with additional help from the Fresh Films team.  You will ensure that by the end of each two week period, the teen filmmakers  have a film they are proud of and it’s got some marketing and audience engagement behind it!   

Because of the virtual situation created by Covid-19, this summer’s internship is more of a mentorship and teaching role, vs a traditional hands-on creative, producing or technical role.  But that said, this internship will significantly enhance your own leadership and creative skills as you work with a variety of students from different diverse backgrounds and with differing abilities and technologies that they are using.   You enhance your own knowledge of film when you have to teach it to others.  And this changing environment will enhance your own breadth of technical experience and broaden your thinking and adaptability as you approach new situations.  You’ll come out more adaptable, with a stronger ability to problem solve, be creative and lead!  If you think you’re up for the challenge and the rewards – we hope you will apply!  

More Specifics:
Estlin Feigley and Amy Blommer will lead the overall summer program – giving overall instruction to interns – but also leading teen filmmakers on the larger tasks.  Each college intern will then have responsibility for leading approximately 12-16 students through the process (this approximately 3-6 small groups of filmmakers.) Interns will guide the same teens throughout the internship each week. In addition to the specific filmmaking tasks above, you are also their mentor, their guide, and someone that they will emulate, ask for college recommendations and future connections.  Estlin and Amy are there to help you, but you’ll be doing the work with the teens as they break into their creative group work.  Many of our former teen filmmakers became interns and now work at Disney, WB and Netflix.  You are the next phase of Fresh Filmmakers – and we are excited to have you this summer!

Program Dates:
You must be available for all or very nearly all program dates as noted below! 

Week of June 22:   7-hours of training currently scheduled from 1:30-5pm on Tues June 23 and Wed June 24.
June 29-July 24:

    • You must be available all days Monday – Friday from 1:30-5pm Central Time 
    • All days except July 3rd which is off
    • Working with teens is 2-4pm, the extra time before and after is reserved for FF staff team meetings
    • You must also be available for to work with teen filmmaking teams for an additional 5-10 hours each week at hours TBD by you and the teen filmmakers

July 27-31:  Approx 10-hours (tbd) for program wrap up duties


About the Filmmaking Projects:

Below is more information on the film projects that your teen filmmakers will work on:

Project 1:  Census 2020 PSA (June 29-July 10; off on July 3)
Teen filmmakers work in groups of two to create and produce a :30-second Television PSA to support the Census 2020 campaign.

  • Week 1:  Pre-production.  Working through ideas, outline, scripts, storyboards.  Begin Production (filming) which may continue over the weekend. 
  • Week 2:  Post-production and distribution.  After editing the final video, students will also learn how to market and distribute their PSA including social media marketing and outreach to local TV and radio stations.  Top viewed PSAs receive a special award!

Project 2:   Mini Movie (July 13-24)
Teen filmmakers learn narrative filmmaking through developing a two-minute film.  Four teen filmmakers will work together to create, film and edit the project.

  • Week 1: Focus would be on creating a tight two minute script that can execute in a minimal actor and minimal location environment.  This gives students the ability to learn story elements, story arc and filmmaking on a tight budget with a finished script in hand.  After shot lists & storyboarding, filming will start and may continue into the weekend. 
  • Week 2:  Post-production and distribution.  Students work through editing and then also learn about connecting with an audience to get their movie viewed!