Support the 2020 Career Path!


Guest Speak at Fresh Films Session (1 hour commitment)
Industry pros in all areas of film production, editing, or digital marketing who have 1 hour to give are invited to speak to our youth! Your story and career insights make a valuable contribution to our students’ learning.



Host a Fresh Films Intern
Our youth filmmakers have the interest and passion to benefit your company. They will contribute to the diversity in the pipeline of industry talent with their fresh perspective and positive attitudes! United Way, Quriosity Productions, and even freelance filmmakers have hosted interns-and you can too!

Volunteer & Visit Set
Film industry pros and alums, do you have an expertise you want to share? Come spend an hour or a day (or more!) on set sharing your special expertise in film or media! You can help to inspire and inform the filmmakers of the future!

Fund an Internship
Even if you can’t host a youth intern – you CAN still help by making a donation to fund their paid internship. Most of our youth are not able to work without pay, so your donation helps make this opportunity possible! From $50 to a $500-$1,000 company donation – all are great amounts! Donate here today!