Catch the highlights from our Virtual Summer!

Fresh Films Virtual Filmmaking Program

Weekly Filmmaking Program Every Thursday

*We are accepting applications to our weekly filmmaking program through April 23 for our last project of the school year: CREATE A  MINI-MOVIE! May  6-27, you’ll get creative with storytelling, filming and editing, and premiere your short film at our June 3 end of year celebration event!

Join us to learn filmmaking and essential skills that will set you up for success!

Through this filmmaking program, you will become a better writer, storyteller, communicator, and expand your film and editing skills. You’ll collaborate with fellow young filmmakers across the country as you build your documentary and narrative film production skills and add content to your portfolio! No film experience or special equipment required. 

These projects will prepare you for future job & education opportunities in media (and as a bonus, we bet the skills you learn will help you make better social media posts too!)  Careers you’ll learn more about: videographer, editor, producer, screenwriter, digital storyteller, Youtuber, and many more!

What’s the commitment?
You’ll meet with the pros from Fresh Films and your fellow filmmakers once each week on Thursdays from 4-6:30pm to learn new skills and create short film projects.

P.S. Our weekly program is just the start!  We also have on-set opportunities each summer (well, each summer when there is no Covid!)  Planned for Summer 2021 is our production of feature film Ghostland, written by Emmy-award winner Rick Cleveland. You will be able to apply to join us there for a week to put your skills to the test in every role on set, from camera, lights & audio to assistant directing & producing and leave the week with a true sense of how a film crew functions and all of the jobs on set. (This is usually everyone’s absolute favorite part — it’s a BLAST!)