Current Internship Opportunities

About Fresh Films

Fresh Films uses the lens of film to mentor & connect with underserved diverse teens to build their technical skills as well as their ability to problem solve, work-hard, communicate and be a leader. We strive to prepare students for future college and careers. Participants never need previous experience or a particular GPA, just a commitment to learn and collaborate with their peers. Many of our former teen filmmakers became interns and now work at Disney, WB and Netflix.


Overview of Intern Opportunities for 2021-2022 Academic Year (October – May)

We will be engaging youth in a 30-week filmmaking program that will have teens working in small film crews to learn the ins and outs of doc and narrative production.  We will be hiring paid College-aged interns to support the teens working through six different short film, music video and documentary projects. Click here for a video overview of our program!

If you are interested in becoming a paid intern, please fill out the application by September 22nd.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even if you applied for a Fresh Films internship previously, you MUST re-apply for this internship here! 


Program Overview

This school year, Fresh Films will be across the country in 20 locations reaching nearly 300 teenagers every week who want to learn film for future college and career options!   In 2020-2021, we were in 12 locations and we are excited to add more youth and interns this Fall.  

The weekly program runs Thursdays from 4-6:30 and begins with a 30-minute ‘global skills’ group lesson led by Fresh Films filmmaking staff to teach filmmaking fundamentals, such as scripting, shot framing or interviewing techniques to all of the teens. After the group lesson, the students break into smaller groups of 13-18 students to work on the different film projects. This is where you come in!   You will lead the group of 13-18 students (approximately 3-5 small groups of filmmakers) and guide them as they implement what they learned in the ‘global skills’ group lesson to create their video projects.  You are their mentor, their guide, and someone that they will emulate, ask for college recommendations and future connections.

Here’s a list of the projects you will work with the teens on that will support their portfolio, reels, and college applications:

  • Oct/November:Movie Scene
  • December: PSA
  • January: Music Video 
  • February: Movie Trailer
  • March/April: Short Documentary
  • April/May: Short Scripted Film 
  • June 2: Celebration event


Intern Responsibilities: 

Interns will be responsible for managing small groups of teen filmmakers through each phase of production – pre-production through distribution/marketing.  Interns are not leading the creative. Rather, you are using your expertise to lead, manage and guide the teen filmmakers to make sure they are getting past roadblocks, coming up with creative solutions and hitting their deadlines. You will ensure that by the end of each project, the teen filmmakers have a film they are proud of and it’s got some marketing and audience engagement behind it!

This Internship will significantly enhance your own leadership and creative skills as you work with a variety of students from different diverse backgrounds and with differing abilities and technologies that they are using. You enhance your own knowledge of film when you have to teach it to others.  And this changing environment will enhance your own breadth of technical experience and broaden your thinking and adaptability as you approach new situations. You’ll come out more adaptable, with a stronger ability to problem solve, be creative and lead!  If you think you’re up for the challenge and the rewards – we hope you will apply!  

Note on COVID-19:  Although we are still dealing with COVID restrictions, we will be IN PERSON in most locations, working directly with the teens and the equipment.  We will follow local mandates for masks or other needs. As we work out of schools and youth clubs (like local Boys & Girls Clubs), there may be some locations where vaccinations are required of staff.  In other locations, we may be able to hire unvaccinated interns, but you will need to be tested regularly.  


Program Dates:

You must be available for all or very nearly all program dates as noted below:

  • Oct 10-27th: 10 hours of training (Dates and times TBA)
  • EVERY TUESDAY: Either 8am or 5pm for a 1-hour virtual training / review session for that week’s program.  Our Fresh Films team will make sure you are prepared for each week’s program with the teens, answer any questions you might have and/or share best practices.  It’s also a great chance to meet everyone on the team!

  • EVERY THURSDAY – 3:30-7pm from Oct 28 to June 2
    • You will work with teens from 4-6:30pm; the extra time before and after is reserved for Fresh Films team meetings
    • This is IN PERSON at our locations
    • You will use Fresh Films equipment and be provided with a Fresh Films crew shirt
    • You must be able to get yourself to the location (have a car, uber, etc)
    • Weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas are off

  • ADDITIONAL HOURS:  You must also be available to work with teen filmmakers for an additional 1-3 hours each week at hours TBD by you and the teen filmmakers to ensure their film projects are moving into production, are turned in on-time, etc.

  • PAY:  Paid ranges from $1,000-$1,800 for the term of your internship depending on your level of experience. $1,000 is generally for new intern/instructors, and $1,800 for returning intern/instructors.