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Our teen-created projects have been shown around the world in theaters and on TV!

Feature Films

Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission Movie Poster

Trailer | Website | IMDB.com

Synopsis: Three teens realize their science project is the key to finding their missing parents, in another world!

Stars: Steve Guttenberg, Harry Lennix and US Congressman Bill Foster

Released at a White House Educational Initiative screening followed by a sold-out school tour. Coming Fall 2017 to VOD-Digital-On Demand and other formats via distributor Gravitas Ventures.

The Stream Movie Poster

Trailer | Website | IMDB.com

Synopsis: In the summer of 1981, five young friends lived and breathed STAR WARS. It was the center oftheir universe! But when a broken lightsaber(aka a broken bat) needs replacing, the friends begin an epic adventure; all they have to do is follow The Stream and back. With mom gone for 3-hours, what could possibly go wrong?

Stars: Mario Lopez, Kelly Rutherford, Christopher Gorham and Rainn Wilson

Released in Regal Theatres in 19 markets, currently on DVD, digital and international via Amazon, Walmart, Fox Family & iTunes. "The Stream" is re-releasing through Multicom Entertainment.

TV Shows

Detectives Club Series Poster

Trailer | Website | IMDB.com

Synopsis: Emmy-nominated show about two kids who form a Detectives Club to gather the facts behind their Grandpa's crazy stories.

Stars: Tim Kazurinsky as Grandpa

Released on PBS-WTTW, DVDs available at Museum stores and on Vimeo. In 2018, 8 new episodes will be released alongside the original Emmy-nominated episodes via distributor Multicom Entertainment.

Gwen's World of Weird poster

Trailer | IMDB.com | Watch!

Synopsis: GWEN'S WORLD OF WEIRD" presented by AT&T features wannabe YouTube celebrity Gwen and her psychic best friend, Janey Beth Walker. As mysteries unfold at their high school, Gwen has her camera trained on Janey Beth - thinking Janey Beth's predictions are her shot at fame. Unfortunately, Janey Beth never sees anything worthwhile..but in this weird world, it's the small predictions that really add up to crack the case.

MisKits poster

Trailer | IMDB.com | Watch!

Synopsis: In the near future, we can order genetically perfect children. A technical wonder except for a few slight mishaps. Legs falling off. 4 year-old brains trapped in 40 year-old bodies. But imperfections are no reason to be put out to pasture. Can these kids change their destiny?

Distribution inquiries: Kelli Feigley kelli@dreamingtreefilms.com